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le mouvement créatif est collectif
la création est collective
la matière est mouvement
la matière est création
le mouvement est matière
le collectif est mouvement
la création est matière
la matière est mouvement
la matière est collective

Rencontre sur les pratiques curatoriales avec Marcela Vieira (aarea) , Beatriz Toledo (La maudite) et Matière revue
suivie d'un débat entre Marcela Vieira et Beatriz Toledo sur l'oeuvre "Cromeleque" conçue par l'artiste pour la plateforme d'art aarea

12.11.17 | 16h

""aarea is an online platform founded in 2017 to showcase artworks created specifically for the internet. It is updated monthly, with each edition featuring a single project. As they navigate around the site, visitors have no access to fixed elements such as introductory texts, links, or buttons that are not a part of the artist’s design. The absence of mediation that defines its format makes aarea a groundbreaking initiative in Brazil in terms of the circulation of artworks in virtual space. The featured artists have widely varying styles; but all have been challenged with creating a work whose only vehicle is the internet, most doing so for the first time""

""La Maudite is an artists run space created by two artists and a researcher/curator based in Paris and is aimed at articulating art practices, curatorial practices and research. Situated in Belleville neighborhood, La Maudite is a platform for artistic and multidisciplinary projects in a variety of fields: visual arts, film, sound experiences, performance, and literature, among others. The activities include curating exhibitions, film screenings, organizing conferences, seminars and other research activities that interconnect with critical theory. It's also a document center on Brazilian contemporary art, which is constantly fed through donations. It aims to promote activities locally, nationally and internationally, collaborating with public and private institutions, involving artists and a wide array of communities to launch creative networks""

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