inventaire sentimental

Clé­ment Green­berg, Art and Cul­ture: Crit­i­cal Essays 
Clement Green­berg, Late Writ­ings
Ros­alind Krauss, Under Blue Cup
Hal Foster, Design and Crime 
Dick Hig­gins. Inter­me­dia
Hubert Damisch Sky­line. La ville nar­cisse
Michel Chion Guide des objets sonores 
Harry Partch Gen­e­sis of a music
Pierre Schef­fer De la musique con­crète à la musique même
Katy Deep­well (ed.) Fem­i­nist Art Man­i­festos: An Anthol­ogy
John Dewey L’art comme expéri­ence
Matthew Fuller How To Be a Geek: Essays on the Cul­ture of Soft­ware
Lisa Gitel­man Always Already New. Media, His­tory and the Data of Cul­ture
Mary Ann Doane The Emer­gence of cin­e­matic time. Moder­nity, con­tin­gency, the archive
Lev Manovich The Lan­guage of new media 
Craig Dworkin No medium
Foren­sic Archi­tec­ture (ed.) Foren­sis: The Archi­tec­ture of Public Truth
José Luis Brea La era post­media. Acción comu­nica­tiva, prác­ti­cas (post)artísticas y dis­pos­i­tivos neo­me­di­ales
Friedrich A. Kit­tler Gramo­phone, Film, Type­writer
Silvia Fed­erici Rev­o­lu­tion at Point Zero: House­work, Repro­duc­tion, and Fem­i­nist Strug­gle
Mark B. N. Hansen New Phi­los­o­phy for New Media
Theodor W. Adorno Teoria estética
Black Moun­tain Col­lege : Art, démoc­ra­tie, utopie
John R. Blakinger Un Cam­ou­flage New Bauhaus : György Kepes et la mil­i­tari­sa­tion de l’image
Craig Dworkin, Ken­neth Gold­smith (eds.) Against Expres­sion: An Anthol­ogy of Con­cep­tual Writ­ing
Ernst Cas­sirer Form and Tech­nol­ogy
William R. Catton, Jr. Over­shoot: The Eco­log­i­cal Basis of Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Change 
Mary Dou­glas Purity and Danger
Naomi Klein The Shock Doc­trine
Luc Boltan­ski Enrichisse­ment. Une cri­tique de la marchan­dise
Nathalie Quin­taine et Jean-Pierre Cometti L’art et l’argent

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